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Get Outdoors New England
...where you post and run activities and get in on activities posted by others

The Basin - Franconia Notch, NH


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With over 1400 people on our e-mail newsletter list (and you'd be more than welcome to sign up, too, through e-mail or on the web---just click!), Get Outdoors New England is the largest no-membership, no-fee, no-dues, and no-pressure Internet-based Bulletin Board for outdoor activities in the New England area---and sometimes beyond.

Participate in activities run by others, or run an activity yourself.

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Pictures and Trip Reports

Earth Day - Tewksbury, MA

Biking through
Wakefield - Lynnfield - North Reading

All activities are listed on the Bulletin Board - click to go there now. What's Get Outdoors New England up to?
Check out the Bulletin Board of GONewEngland activities.
If you don't see what you like, post it and run it yourself for others to enjoy with you!

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  • It's a Group Thing - The Boston Phoenix in July 2003
  • Groups gather to take frosty Atlantic plunge in The Hampton Union on January 3, 2003
  • Granite State Sports had a pointer to GONewEngland in June 2002
  • GONewEngland was mentioned in a sidebar in the Boston Globe Calendar on May 5, 2002
  • Get Outdoors New England appeared in the April 26-27, 2000 edition of the Middlesex East section of the Daily Times Chronicle newspapers in eastern Massachusetts
  • GONewEngland was featured in Community Newspaper Company local newspapers of Massachusetts August 18-19, 1999
  • And, yes, GONewEngland was mentioned in COSMOPOLITAN a few years ago!

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