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Run An Event
Get Outdoors New England gives you the opportunity to put together an activity for others to enjoy.  It doesn't take much to run an event, and the GONewEngland Team will help you out if you get stuck.  When you've got some details together, fill in the Send In An Event form at the bottom of this page or send your ideas in e-mail to Your Webmaster.

(If the form below doesn't work, just send Ken an e-mail with the info.)

FAQ:  Questions about running an event...

Q: Do I have to be on the GONewEngland-Blurb e-mail list to post something?
A: Yes.  Before running an activity with GONewEngland, you must have been on the GONewEngland-Blurb YahooGroup for at least one month or sign up for the YahooGroup and get out and attend one or two activities that have been posted by others.  GONewEngland activities should be by and for those associated with GONewEngland, and this will prevent "drive-by postings" by those who may try to take advantage of our Bulletin Board.

Q: What's the basic ground rule on who may post?
A: Activities must be by and for GONewEnglanders and are not-for-profit---that's why we're here.  If you are promoting a business through the activity, seek to make money, or have some other motive, the GONewEngland Bulletin Board isn't really the right place for your activity.

Q: What do I have to do to run an event?
A: First, come up with the event, and propose (or schedule) it by filling out the Send In An Event form or by sending e-mail to Your Webmaster. Handle any questions that come in about the event, and make any necessary arrangements (campsites, ride coordination, letting people know about special requirements for equipment, and so on). Then, finally, just be there and enjoy the event along with everyone else!

Q: What types of events should I run?
A: Run what you would like to do or would like to try!

But it'll be too "lame"... There are some people in the group who would appreciate a light, easygoing event. Light hikes are great for beginners and people who are getting fit. A leisurely horseback ride removes the tensions of the day. A get-together at a state park can be a great way to spend a warm weather holiday.   Visiting a sugar house during maple syrup season is what New England is all about!

I don't know what event to do... Usually you can find something in a trail book (the AMC Guides are great), tourist sites on the Internet, tourist brochures, or from other GONewEnglanders. Your Webmaster would be more than happy to send something out in the newsletter asking for suggestions. Do you have an interesting outdoor hobby that you'd like to get other people into? Or that you would like to get into?

It's too difficult to set up or coordinate... Post an event that you'd be comfortable doing--don't drive yourself crazy!  Sure, some activities may require some legwork. For the Acadia trip Your Webmaster had to find a campground, but that was readily available on the Internet, and a quick call got the sites. Sometimes you might have to help someone find a ride, but more often than not, someone else who's going along can provide a ride. Because it's all done through e-mail, it's easy.

Q: What about activities related to a charity?
A: Charities are very important, and GONewEngland would like to support your work with the charity.  If you post an activity for GONewEngland (a hike, walk, biking, whatever), write up the event as you normally would, but don't press the submit button yet.  After the event's description, take an extra two or three sentences and announce your charity activity or other message, then submit the GONewEngland activity plus your charity's message.  This way GONewEngland gets a fine activity, and your charity gets a good mention to all the visitors to the Bulletin Board.  Win-win!

Q: Can I announce my business here---a sale at the outdoors store I own, for example?  Can I announce memberships in my ski house?  Can I try to rent my timeshare out?  Can I mention my cottage that's for rent?
A: No.  Activities go on the Bulletin Board---activities by and for GONewEnglanders.  If you have a business to promote, a timeshare or cottage to rent out, or wish to announce membership availability in a ski house or other similar situation, there are other places on the Internet for such things.

However if you are a member in a ski house, for example, and you wish to bring GONewEnglanders as guests for a weekend away, that's fine (usually there is a small per night charge).  Or if you're renting a cottage or are going away to your timeshare and want to invite GONewEnglanders along, that's OK, too (and it's OK to split the rent).  The difference is you're not advertising anything; you are having GONewEnglanders join you on a GONewEngland activity---and you're a participant as well, as should be the case with all GONewEngland activities.

Q: Can I limit attendance?
A: You control the horizontal, you control the vertical. You decide the maximum number of people you'd like along, and you can establish a minimum.

Be aware of the rules of where the activity will take place.  Some areas, such as state and national forests, limit group size.

Q: What if I need to cancel or change the event at short notice?
A: You need to let people know that the event is cancelled or changed.  You can do this by e-mail or the Hotline Mailbox (if one has been assigned to your event---ask Your Webmaster if you'd like one).  If something comes up and you are unable to run the event, you may ask that someone who's going take it over.  But please do your best to inform everyone who's attending about the status of the event.  Usually that means e-mail (if it's far enough in advance) and the Hotline (the day of the event).

Q: What if someone is disruptive or is unprepared?
A: Safety comes first. If an attendee does not have the right equipment, he or she should be urged not to go along on the event. Beyond that, GONewEngland has adopted a Zero Tolerance Rule, meaning that anyone found to be disruptive can be barred from the event, and perhaps from future GONewEngland events. It is our intent that all events are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for everyone. (For more information on the Zero Tolerance Rule, please see the Intro document.)

Q: What do I get out of running an event?
A: Aside from the exercise and fresh air, you will meet and hang out with some great people. You'll learn something new from someone who goes along, and someone will learn something new from you as well.  You'll get some organizing and coordinating experience.  And don't forget that the activities have their own intrinsic rewards!

Q: Why don't you pay people to run events?
A: Get Outdoors New England is strictly not for profit. All events are pay-as-you-go, and people expect to chip in their fair share, but that does not include anything beyond small, reasonable expenses for the person running the event. We'd like people running events who are into what they're doing, do it for the sheer enjoyment of it, and enjoy sharing their experience with others. The people who run events for the GONewEngland are GONewEnglanders themselves, and they run events because they want to.   It's an opportunity for people who normally participate in activities run by other people to give a little back.

Q: Do these event submissions go right onto the web site?
A: No.  Your Webmaster receives an e-mail with what you typed in, and the information is edited and added to a database from which the Bulletin Board is created.  It may take a few hours to a day or two for your activity to show up on the web site.  Please note that Your Webmaster has final say in what gets posted.  Activities of an inappropriate, questionable, or objectionable nature will not be posted.  Please review other questions in this FAQ for other posting guidelines.

Q: I'm running an event, but I need help!
A: If you ever need a hand, contact The GONewEngland Crew. You can even enlist the help of people who have signed up for the event!

Q: You didn't answer my question here.
A: Send e-mail to Ken if you have any questions about running an event for Get Outdoors New England!


Get Outdoors New England thanks you for taking the time to run an activity for all of us.
Remember that you're never alone in running an event---the GONewEngland Team is here to help if you get stuck.

Just fill in the form below with the details you have, and it will be sent along to Your Webmaster and posted on the Bulletin Board in a day or so (remember to double-check that the information is correct out there).  Those interested in attending will contact you with their RSVPs or questions, and then off you go!

Your Name:

(first and last name required)

Your E-mail address:
What type of event is it? Light Activity (Nature Walk, Picnic)
Trail Hike
Mountain Hike
Water (Canoe, kayak, fishing)
Snow (Skiing, snowmobiling)
Social Event or Planning Session
Lecture or Training
Horseback Riding
Rock Climbing
Date and time:
The Event...? Place:
Describe the event (keep it to a few hundred characters, please--there is a limit):
Special things needed? Special skills or training?
Special Equipment?
Cost Approximate cost per-person:  $
Co-Leader? Will someone be co-leading the event with you?  Remember that Your GONewEngland Crew is always here to help!
Co-leader's Name: 
Co-leader's E-Mail: 
Any Additional Information? (i.e. Directions, equipment, etc; please keep it to a few hundred characters)
Click this checkbox if you would like a On-Line Hotline for your activity.

(Enter the word in the picture to the left.)

You'll be contacted if further information is needed.
Watch for your event to be posted on the Bulletin Board!

After you click Submit, you should be taken to a "Thank You" page.
If you are not taken there, then the form did not work.
Please e-mail the event details to Ken instead.