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Get Outdoors New England Links Page Last update: 5/5/2016 10:14:02 PM
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Posting a link here...
Contact: Ken Leonard
To post a link here or to report a dead or incorrect link, please contact Ken Leonard.


Commercial link info...
Contact: Ken Leonard
Free advertising space and links for our business friends are on the GONewEngland Ads/Promotions Page. Our Ad Policy with details about putting your ad on our site can be found there as well.

Great Outdoors Recreation Pages
Although many of its links are commercial in nature, GORP has everything from trip planners to helpful hints. It's a huge site, worthy of a glance.


A Dayhiker's Guide to Northampton
Contact: Vic Hoyt
Drop by Vic's site to learn about the trails and interesting things to see in/around Northampton, Mass.

A1 Trails Guide
Online guide to bicycling, mountain biking, hiking and cross-country skiing.
...thanks for the link!!!

Barry's Scouting Resources
Contact: Barry Farnsworth
Barry has put together a wonderful Scouting Resources page with all kinds of information---and all kinds of really useful links!
...thanks for the link!!!

Boston Area Hiking Guide
Contact: Mike Stadelmaier
Concise description of hikes in and around Boston for all those people who may want to Hike The Hub. Includes public transportation information and some driving directions, weather links, and other tidbits.
...thanks for the link!!!

Environmental Federation of New England
Contact: Jay Astle
The Environmental Federation of New England is dedicated to helping companies keep an eye out for our environment.
...thanks for the link!!!

Hike New England
Contact: Sharon Sierra
The new online trail guide for New England! The goal of the site is provide information for people hiking in New England. It will include trail reports, book revies, and so on written by the webmaster and by contributing surfers.
...thanks for the link!!!

Contact: Tom Caggiano
The Hikenet is a great collection of links and resources.
...thanks for the link!!!

Hiker's Paradise Hostel
Contact: Mary Ann
The Hiker's Paradise is a hostel-style place to stay in Gorham, NH. There are lots of amenities for really short money (like $12/night). If that's not your speed, they also have an inn.

House Rabbit Network
Contact: Suzanne Smith
Suzanne has been wonderful to GONewEngland over the years by opening her house to us, but she also opens her house to some wonderful and very cute fuzzy bunnies ready for adoption.

Look Around
Contact: Phil Viger
Phil as a very eclectic selection of links, including one to us somewhere out there. I *think* he's trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records for most links or being most linked-to, and Phil may very well get it! So drop by and "look around..."
...thanks for the link!!!

Free topo maps are available at this commercial site.

Metacomet Monadnock Trail Site
Contact: Patrick Fletcher
The official site of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, a footpath from the Massachusetts/Connecticut state line to Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire. Site content includes brief section by section trail descriptions, pictures, and interactive updates.
...thanks for the link!!!

Mt. Moosilauke Web Site
Contact: Bob Averill
The purpose of the Mt. Moosilauke site is to provide a glimpse of the wealth of unique literary, geographical and historical information that the folks running the site have collected about Mt. Moosilauke over the past 25 years.
...thanks for the link!!!

Mt. Washington Observatory

New England Bouldering
Contact: Joe McLoughlin
A very nice site for learning about bouldering and what bouldering activities are going on around our area. Extensive links page, great information and site layout!
...thanks for the link!!!

New England Climbing
Contact: Tim Cook
An up to date resource for the New England climbing community including news, current events & competitions, new route info and area information.
...thanks for the link!!!
Contact: Peter Roberts
...for the real New England A company in New London, Connecticut unabashedly promoting the people, communities, organizations and independent businesses of the real New England. New England.
...thanks for the link!!!

NH Outdoors
Contact: Information
NH Outdoors was started with the concept of providing a resource for Outdoor enthusiasts searching for information on the Internet. Since that time they have grown into one of the popular websites for NH residents.
...thanks for the link!!!

Outside Interests
Contact: Ed Loewenton
In association with the Green Mountain Club, Outside Interests is a discussion point and message board for all things outdoors. It's a forum for contact and information open to the Outdoors public.
...thanks for the link!!!

Peak Bagging in New England
Hiking in the Mountains of New England With Emphasis on the Bagging of Peaks
...thanks for the link!!!

Peak To Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
Contact: Steve Fry
The most comprehensive online directory of Trail and Wilderness web sites!
...thanks for the link!!!

PETE & ED BOOKS Outdoor Links
Contact: Pete & Ed Books
A handy links page of outdoor groups from Pete & Ed Books.
...thanks for the link!!!

Princeton U. Outdoor Action
Extensive Outdoor Resource of Princeton University.

The Adirondak Guide
Contact: Terry Burton
Ad'k Guide - Your Adirondack Travel Resource

The Compass
Good jumping-off spot for New England area trail groups and all kinds of stuff.

The Mountain Zone
Information about climbing Mt. Everest---among other things.

Today's Weather on Mt. Washington

Trail Journals
Contact: Matthew "Leif" Olsen
Hiking the AT? Start an on-line journal!
Interested in backpacking journals? Read them here!

Tubbs Trailnet
Tubbs (the snowshoe people) have put together an outdoors site with suggestions about where to snowshoe, conditions, and so on.

Ultralight Backpacking the AT
Contact: Kurt "Onestep" Cedergren
Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking Resource
Section hiking the Appalachian Trail with a "10 pound pack"
...thanks for the link!!!

Vermont Hiking-N-Backpacking Page
Contact: Alan Wagner
Alan Wagner has a web page bringing together links for Vermont hiking--and hiking in general. Wonderful picture from Mt. Mansfield! Lots of information on this site.
...thanks for the link!!!

White Mountain Server Page
THE source for White Mountain Information.
...thanks for the link!!!

Winchester, Massachusetts Home Page
Contact: Martin V. Zombek
Home Page for Winchester, Massachusetts...Everything you ever wanted to know about this small town just northwest of Boston.
...thanks for the link!!!

WMNF Passport Info
Information about the White Mountain National Forest parking fee program. Your car must display a parking "passport" to park in designated WMNF areas, or your vehicle will be ticketed!

Outdoors Groups

Appalachian Long Dist. Hike Assoc.
Contact: Beau Bushor
ALDHA is a home site for thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail. They have a huge yearly gathering in the fall.

Appalachian Mountain Club
One of the largest outdoors groups in the US, focused on our region and all the way down the AT (Appalachian Trail). Conservation, hikes, and other activities. Membership fee includes a magazine, discounts, etc.

Boston's Top 100
Contact: Boston's Top 100
Boston's Top 100 is a social group that organizes events around all kinds of charities. Get together with folks for interesting activities, and help out others at the same time!
...thanks for the link!!!

Charlotte Oudoor Adventures
Contact: Don Salomon
Don Salomon, NEHG co-founder and former Motivator, has moved to North Carolina where he's started another highly successful outdoor activities group!
...thanks for the link!!!

Cohos Trail Association
Contact: Kim Nilsen
The Cohos Trail Assocation is blazing a trail along the backbone of New Hampshire from Franconia Notch to Canada's trail system. This is a massive undertaking! Read about it and keep up to date on the C.T.A. web site.
...thanks for the link!!!

Connecticut Forest & Park Association
The Connecticut Forest and Park Association, the oldest private, nonprofit environmental organization in Connecticut, invites you to explore their web site and to join them in preserving, protecting and enjoying our natural heritage.

Friends of Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods is a large expanse of preserved land between Lynn and Saugus, Massachusetts. The Friends of Lynn Woods is an association to protect, preserve, and improve the trails within the area.

Friends of our Trails
Contact: Tom Horth
Friends of our Trails is an organization dedicated to preserving and improving the trails in the Newbury, Massachusetts area. They run frequent hikes and other outdoor activities, and there are regular meetings.

Friends of the Blue Hills
Contact: Anne Ladd
Friends of the Blue Hills web site, includes a listing of MDC Walks that you can head out on!
...thanks for the link!!!

In-line Club of Boston
Contact: Sandy Tavilla
The In-Line Club of Boston is for in-line skating fans! They run a variety of activities, from casual to races.

Kites Over New England
Kites Over New England is a non-profit club of kite enthusiasts who gather together to celebrate the color and spectacle of single, dual, three, and quad-line kites.

Metro-West Dive Club
The Metro-West Dive Club is a SCUBA diving organization in the Natick, Massachusetts area. Regular meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. See the MWDC web site for more information.

Contact: Michael
The place for hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering information! Post a hike, enter a trip report, read the latest outdoors news.
...thanks for the link!!!

Nature Travels
Contact: David Xanatos
This site has some commercial content, but associated with the site are many things that are free, including information and events in the Pioneer Valley Area of western MA. Exciting links to environmental and outdoor skill information as well!
...thanks for the link!!!

New Hampshire Outing Club
Contact: Mike Colclough
The outdoors club for UNH---but there are events to which the public is welcome as well. The goal of this club is to get UNH alumni involved in fun and outdoors in a safe and alcohol-free environment. A UNH student tradition since 1911.
...thanks for the link!!!

North Shore Frogmen's Club
The North Shore Frogmen's Club, Inc., is an adult (male and female 21 or over) club of 100 plus members. Safe, enjoyable diving, dive-related, and community service activities. Dive year-round. "Buddy List" so you'll always find a diving partner!
...thanks for the link!!!

Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center
Contact: Angie Marcus
A conference, educational, and retreat center of the 4-H organization. They offer adult outdoor programs.

Portland Hiking Group
Contact: Troy Moon
The Greater Portland Hiking Group is a web site similar to GONewEngland but will be focused primarily on hiking/backpacking, especially for hikers near Portland, Maine.

Rag Tag Rangers
Contact: Mike Calabrese
A loosely organized outdoor group that likes to hike and backpack in the Mid-Atlantic states. All are welcome!
...thanks for the link!!!

Scouts NewEngland
Contact: Richard Axtman
A web site focusing on resources for the Boy Scouts - chapters, activities, and all kinds of information.

The June Hike Club

The Outdoors Club (NYC Tri-State Area)
Contact: Brian J. Dawson
Since 1978, The Outdoors Group has led hikes in the New York City/Tri-State area. They're a non-profit group, and they, too, aren't limited to "just" hiking!
...thanks for the link!!!

Trustees of Reservations
The non-profit Trustees of Reservations has been around for over 100 years purchasing and preserving open land in Massachusetts.
...thanks for the link!!!

Vermont Outdoor People
Contact: Samantha Grout
Vermont Outdoor People is an Internet-based outdoor activities group that's very similar to Get Outdoors New England, only VOP's focus is on activities in and around the wonderful state of Vermont.
...thanks for the link!!!

Walking Connection
Contact: Alyce Luff
Although focused on walking, this web site has information for hiking and other things as well. Low yearly membership fee.
...thanks for the link!!!

Yahoo's New England Rock Climbing Club
Contact: Jim Pasquino
Jim P's Yahoo Club (e-mail discussion group) for rock climbers! Also check out Jim's home page for more information, including ways to get into the sport for beginners!


Dana McGrath's Home Page
Contact: Dana McGrath

...thanks for the link!!!

David Miller's Home Page
Contact: David Miller
David's got himself quite a nice home page, including the Hub Club, a not-for-profit activities group.
...thanks for the link!!!

Eric Esterling's Outdoors
Contact: Eric Esterling
Eric has a wonderful list of outdoor events he's running. Check it out!

Gary Meehan's Home Page
Contact: Gary Meehan
Gary Meehan runs stargazing events and more. His web site has some interesting pictures of the sun!

Judith's Home Page
Contact: Judith Pellowe
Judith P.'s home page
...thanks for the link!!!

Karyn Lyn's Home Page
Contact: Karyn Liberatore
Karyn's Home Page

Rob O'Keefe
Contact: Rob O'Keefe
Rob is an avid fan of the outdoors, and he hopes that through his web page he'll find some partners to share the trial with. Drop by, drop Rob a note!

Your Webmaster's Home Page
Contact: Ken Leonard
Your NEHG Webmaster's Home Page...See what he's up to when he's not hiking!
...thanks for the link!!!


Geostationary Satellite Server
The latest satellite pics from NOAA.

MA Geographic Information System
State of Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information

Mass Department of Environmental Management
Division of the Massachusetts government which deals with the environment and park systems within the state.

Northampton, MA
Contact: Victoria A. White
What's happening in Northampton, Massachusetts? Find it here...
...thanks for the link!!!

Social Groups

Singles Club (of NH & MA)
A singles group in the Nashua, NH area, serving central New England. It's free - no dues. Lots of activties!
...thanks for the link!!!

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