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Get Outdoors New England
Ad Policy

IMPORTANT:  AS OF JANUARY 2002 NO ADDITIONAL ADS OR LINKS ARE BEING ACCEPTED.  Please do not submit them until this restriction is lifted, probably in early 2003 (check back to this page).  Your Webmaster apologizes for not responding to your requests during this time.

Advertising on the Get Outdoors New England web site...

Ken Leonard, the Get Outdoors New England Webmaster, is available via e-mail: Ken Leonard for any questions about the ad policy below or if you'd like to negotiate placing an ad at the site.

The following is the general advertising policy for the GONewEngland web site and its e-mail lists.  For GONewEnglanders it's a mention of how the ads benefit us.  For advertisers it's a description of how our site may be valuable to you and how you may advertise.

Why are there ads on the site?

As citizens on the Internet, GONewEnglanders see many advertisements every day as they surf around the Web.  And many of us fall victim to SPAM:  The unfair and unauthorized use of e-mail addresses to advertise what turns out to be junk for the most part.  To put it mildly:  Enough already!!!

Yet as Get Outdoors New England's Webmaster, I am under increasing pressure from businesses who wish to provide us with valuable products and services.  Plus these businesses present us with opportunities that, with a little ad space in exchange, would benefit all of us.  I see this as a win-win proposition!

So how can we accommodate everyone?  The Get Outdoors New England ad policy provides an answer that allows businesses to advertise on the GONewEngland site but keeps ads from the directly affecting those who drop by the site for other reasons.  In-your-face advertising, such as SPAM, is not allowed.   And each ad benefits GONewEnglanders in some way---along with the business concern, of course, who finds a captive audience of active outdoors-oriented people.

How do the ads benefit GONewEnglanders?

Click on the "Ads" link at the Get Outdoors New England web site, and you'll find links to businesses who have linked back to us, driving more traffic to our site.  You'll find some special deals not available to the general public.  Or you'll see an ad from a business that has supported our efforts in some way.

Ads are ads, right?  No, not this time.   Please take a minute and look at them.  The only way these businesses get onto the GONewEngland site is by providing something in return.  You, I, and the rest of the GONewEnglanders benefit somehow from everything that's out here!

How do the ads benefit businesses?

The businesses benefit, too, of course, by finding a pre-selected niche group and a web site with a regular amount of hits per month (that's growing, by the way).  They sell stuff we as active outdoors folks like to buy or provide services we need.  Businesses pay BIG BUCKS for address lists and e-mail lists with a certain demographic.  Well, we just happen to have a web site that attracts a certain kind of person.  This is valuable to advertisers and businesses.

What's the ad policy?

The E-mail lists are to remain ad-free and SPAM-free, and although the web site will now have some ads, it won't be in-your-face.

1.  Advertising on the GONewEngland E-mail lists and sending unsolicited advertisements to those associated with Get Outdoors New England is strictly prohibited in our SPAM Policy.

2.  Advertising on the web site:

If you are a business concern, supplier, product manufacturer, or someone who provides services that would be of interest to those active in the outdoors and would like to let GONewEnglanders know about your products and services using our web site, we have two ways you can do that:   "Like-for-like" and a full-page ad.

The full-page ad has a lifetime of 90 days from its first posting (or shorter, as specified by you), so we're able to keep our ads section changing and interesting.  You may renew the ad after the 90 days.  You may change the ad at any time.  You may ask that the ad be removed at any time.  You may terminate your offer at any time, but you must notify the GONewEngland Webmaster so your ad may be changed or removed.  Not honoring the promotion you made available to GONewEngland in the ad is not acting in "good faith," and your ad will be removed.

Ads and links are placed on the "Ads" section at the GONewEngland site, and/or elsewhere as deemed appropriate by Your Webmaster.

The current rates:

Yep, it's that simple.  GONewEngland wants to be different from the rest of the Internet by saying:  YES, we value your products and services and want to mention them at our site, but we don't want them to detract from the web surfer's visit to our site---instead let's do something different and invite people in.  The ads won't be "in-your-face", and the ads will provide direct or indirect benefits to those viewing them or to our group as a whole.

This is win-win.

The fine print:

Ad turnaround time for posting and updates is usually three days or less after receiving from you the material to be posted.  If it will be more than that (usually meaning Your Webmaster is on vacation), you will be notified.   Web page development, if desired, will require additional time.

Ken Leonard, the Get Outdoors New England Webmaster, is available via e-mail: Ken Leonard for any questions about the ad policy or if you'd like to negotiate placing an ad at the site.

Last Updated: 09/30/07