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2003 saw GONewEngland zoom past the 6th anniversary and land in its 7th year.  The Penguin Plunge started off the year, and we did a great snowshoe at the Boxford State Forest in February that kicked everyone's butt.  Tom S. led folks to the Carter Notch Hut and Tuckerman Ravine in the snow while Jan had a scavenger hunt.  Pam had her usual (and enjoyable) social gatherings.  We discovered that the Crocker Maple is no more.  Did Ern really encounter a bear?  Your Webmaster finally made it to Pulpit Rock (and Beaver Brook, of course).  Many people got out and paddled.  We discovered Ted's other trail on Crotched Mountain and joined the AMC in Rangeley, Maine.  There were mushrooms and BBQs, bold fashion statements, frozen Platypi, good eats---and lots of great people.

Get Outdoors, Make New Friends.  Yep, and we've got the pictures to prove it!  Have a look by clicking on the links to the left.

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